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Why To Train with Ria's PMU Academy!

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Ria Arora .

Director of Strings Brow lash bar.

 Ria Arora's Permanent Makeup Academy

Introduction to our Trainer !


Ria Arora was born & raised in India before moving to Houston in 2008.

She a masters in business & economics, but chose beauty as her profession 20 years ago.

She has been performing permanent makeup, hairlines, eyebrows threading and shaping for men and women both.

Her interest in beauty has made her the perfect choice in picking the right kind of service as per the requirement of the customer.

Ria is a pioneer leader in the beauty industry and ready to share all of her secrets with you!

She has trained thousands of students around the world last two decades to be successful artists.

Her work is famously known for realistic, natural-looking design, gentle healing, and amazing retention.

She will be sharing her magnum, slope, RS needle techniques, and her secret tricks on how and when to use each needle.


She has been performing scalp micro pigmentation, microblading, powder and Ombre eyebrows, Lip Blushing, Eyeliner for 20 years and have performed 7000 and plus permanent Makeup.

Now she is ready to give her best knowledge to everyone to change their lives for better.

She has been training students for permanent makeup in India, Pakistan and Middle East for over 15  years and also giving her experience and depth of Knowledge to students in USA.

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